Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner?
No, you don't. You can dance with your intructor and other students.

Can couples come for lessons? 
Yes and we won't charge extra for couples for Private Lessons. Group Classes are charged per person.

What do I wear to my FREE lesson? 
Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around with ease 

Do I need special shoes for my FREE lesson?
No, wear comfortable shoes with straps that support your foot. No flip-flops or slip shoes. Heavy soled sneakers stick to the floor and restrict your movement. Standard dress shoes for men, while ladies can wear sandals or shoes that strap on, with or without a heel. 

What are Private Lessons?
Private lessons are for an individual or a couple and are personalised to the dancer/s specific needs and goals. Your instructor is able to focus exclusively on you and teach you at a learning pace that you are comfortable with. Couples are not charged extra for Private Lessons.

What are Group Classes?
Group Classes are for individuals and couples and offer a more interactive element as a number of students dance with each other with one instructor teaching. Your instructor will ensure that the learning pace moves at the average rate of the group, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

What is an Add-on Option?
Expereince has taught us that a combination of Private Lessons and Group Classes deliver the best results. Optimise your dance learning experience by combining Private Lessons and Group Classes and benefit from the discount rate for groups to make it more affordable.

What is Pro-Am Competitive dance?
Pro-Am simply means a "professional is partnering an amateur for the purposes of competing". An amateur takes lessons with a Professional, who then partners his/her student at Pro-Am competition circuit, from Beginner to Championship and Open Gold levels. Competitions include regular match dances, and annual Provincial and National Championships. Competitions include both International Style & American Style Latin and Ballroom and multitude of Speciality/Club dances, like Salsa, Boogie, Sokkie, Western Swing, etc.

What is Amateur Competitive dance?
Amateurs of all ages form partnerships and compete for points, working their way up the ranks from Beginner to Championship levels. Regular monthly competitions have a strict dress code and only cater for International Style Latin and Ballroom. 

What is a Pro-Am Program - (No Partner Required)?
If you have a competitive edge, but no dance partner; or you simply prefer to compete with a professional, choose a Loyalty Package or a Month-to-Month Package and enrol in our Pro-Am Program. 

You can choose to learn the International or American Style Latin and Ballroom Syllabi ; or do both and double your dance expereince. Speciality and Club Dances add endless opportunities to dance and to compete.

From Bronze Beginner to Open Gold and Championship levels you can realise your dream of dancing to your full potential with an expereinced professional. Competitions offer single dances, sections, showcases and formations.  

In your Private Lessons, your instructor will give you detailed instruction in the various dance figures of your chosen dance genres and work on your connection, lead and follow, etc. Add-on Group Classes will cover technical elements and stamina training to maximise your progress for the dancers that wish to take their dancing to the next level. 

Workshops, Boot Camps, Exams, Showcase Events are optional extras to take your dancing to the next level. 

Black tie and glamourous dance dresses are a must when you compete at the numerous Match Dances, Festivals, Provincial and national Pro-Am Championships. 

For those clients with the budget and the inclination, there are also opportunities to compete in the International Pro-Am Dance Championships. 

What is the Competitive Program - Amateur Couples?
If you have a dance partner and a keen competitive edge, choose a Loyalty Package or a Month-to-Month Package and enrol in our Competitive Program.

In your Private Lessons, you and your partner will receive detailed instruction in the various dance steps and figures nd work on your competition routines, connection and lead and follow. Add-on Group Classes for technical elements, stamina training and fortnightly supervised training seesions will give you everything you need to achieve the best results. 

The studio is available to all members for their personal practise sessions at no additional charge during studio hours and subject to t's and c's. 

Workshops, Boot Camps, Exams, Showcase Events are optional extras to take your dancing to the next level. 

You will compete regualrly in various dance festivals, Provincials and national Championships from Bronze Beginner to Championship levels and earn points as you work your way up the ranks.

For those dancers with the budget and the desire, there are opportunities to compete internationally.